Friday, December 2

Unrealscript Overview Part Four : Player Pawn

Our "Player" class is much less interesting than you might expect, as we are not implementing a player as such but a simple free camera. We override GetBaseAimRotation to control the viewpoint of the Pawn. We ensure that the Pawn can have it's view updated fully by the rotation pitch, roll and yaw angles. If we wanted to limit the viewing direction we would hard code tempRot.pitch = 0 in this routine to disable looking up and down for instance. BecomeViewTarget is called when a camera focuses on the player, and is our chance to block the request. Here, we allow it. As there is no mesh associated with our "Player" the light enviroment is redundant.

class LavaLampPawn extends GamePawn;

var DynamicLightEnvironmentComponent LightEnvironment;

//override to make player mesh visible by default

simulated event BecomeViewTarget( PlayerController PC )

simulated singular event Rotator GetBaseAimRotation()
 local Rotator tempRot;
 tempRot = Rotation;
 return tempRot;

 bCanWalk = true
 bCanSwim = false
 bCanFly  = false
 bCanClimbLadders = false
 bWorldGeometry = true
 bCollideActors = false
 bCollideWorld  = false
 bBlockActors   = false
 Begin Object Class=DynamicLightEnvironmentComponent Name=MyLightEnvironment
 End Object


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