Thursday, August 21

Lambda of the Daleks

As promised, the Daleks appear. They have been loaded dynamically from an md2 whilst the framework was running. Sometimes I find myself fighting my C++ reflexes. There's no need to bring the framework down in order to change it. It still seems like magic when I edit a function definition, compile it and *bam* the change appears in the game window... day, all software will be developed this way. Onwards..

Sunday, August 17

And now for a bit of swank..

Now my testbed talks happily to emacs via slime. That's the "exploratory" part of "exploratory game developement.". Next up: Daleks...

And now for something completley different.

You guessed it - another testbed. This time, in 100% Common Lisp (SBCL), just for comparison.

Wednesday, August 13

More testbed

I've done some more playing around with that testbed, integrating ECL and G3Ds Shape API. It works ok, apart from a few wrinkles. It might even be the beginnings of a nice educational app for learning 3d transforms and the like. The main improvement is that the REPL gives you error feedback rather than crashing the app when you give it a bad form. A distinct must for interactivity...