Wednesday, November 16


Today I delved into the realm of Gimp, SIOD, Script-fu; and let me tell you it's the least productive environment I've hit since the ZX81. I mean (set! variable value) is your assignment operator, so like a good lisp monkey I try (set! (aref string 1) "A"). Does that work? No. You use something called (aset string 1 65) why doesn't it have a bang, eh?

So, I want to create an array. Now I created a list with make-list, so, of course, I want to use make-array. No? Gotcha again! It's cons-array. Arrgh!

Add that to the fact that pressing the escape key closes the script-fu console window; which is something I do quite a lot, as it's hardwired into me that Escape means "clear the input" and that the documentation is just a scrappy list of functions that makes it hard to find what you need, that's a recipie for a very frustrating morning. The tragedy is that this is going to be some peoples first exposure to a lisp-like could be so much better; the scintilla component could have been embedded in, there could be a much better tutorial and reference; but I guess someone would have to be paid for that..

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