Monday, March 2

Getting Skype to work on Debian Jessie.

This seems to be a difficult task if the Google results are anything to go by; the .deb is to old and pulls in obsolete dependencies and does not install on the more recent Jessie versions. So,  just a quick outline of what I did to get Skype to work on my Jessie box.

1> Download Skype - the dynamically linked version, not the Debian 7 version.
2> Enable multi arch for i386 as per the Debian MultiArch Howto.
3> sudo apt-get install libXv1:i386
4> sudo apt-get install libXss1:i386
5> sudo apt-get install libQtDBus4:i386
6> sudo apt-get install libQtWebKit:i386
7> sudo apt-get install libgl1-nvidia-glx:i386

..then skype should be able to run, with all dependencies satisfied. The last step is only because  I am running with binary blob "official" Nvidia drivers. I imagine for other systems you should install the appropiate libgl1 package (usually the mesa version).

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Anonymous said...

Thank you man! I had the missing libGL but the last line did work!