Monday, June 25

Exporting FBX from Blender to UDK

While playing about with Blender 2.63a I discovered that it is now possible to export from Blender to the UDK via FBX. At present I'm not sure of the limitations: I set up a test animation with Rotation keys only, the armature origin at 0,0,0 and the mesh origin at 0,0,0, with no scaling. I ran the exported FBX through the FBX Converter for FBX 2012.2  to convert it into a binary: (as Blender's FBX exporter seems to export an antique version of FBX that the UDK takes exception to). To my surprise the converted FBX imported into the UDK fine - last year this was a sure fire recipe for disaster; something must have changed.

This screenshot shows the animation part of the process, adding keys one by one in pose mode. Note I use the LocRot keyset; it's very unlikely that the toolchain will support scale keys; so I haven't tried this. Armature and Mesh are centered on the origin (for the mesh this can be achieved by Object|Apply|Location and Object|Apply|Scale.

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