Tuesday, July 22

What next?

Embedding ECLS in a 3D Engine - G3D - proved remarkably easy. The question is - now what. What should live on the Lisp side and what should live on the C++ side? Geometry for C++? AI for Lisp..what about collisions, then? Hmm..


Anonymous said...

You're not considering sharing your ECLS/G3D integration, are you? It seems like a great approach to rapid prototyping, and I'd love to just build on your efforts....

John Connors said...

I've pushed a working version to git+ssh://johnfredcee@repo.or.cz/srv/git/Procustean.git.

It worked back when this was posted and when it was pushed. You'll need slightly old versions of ECL (0.9l) and G3D (7.00).

SConstruct.Linux is the script you need to edit to get it to build with SCons. There is stuff in there for a windows build, too, but I never got G3D and ECLs to work that well together under Win32.