Saturday, June 9

wxWidgets Documentation in Devhelp format

This post is what it says on the tin. I converted the wxWidgets help from htb to devhelp using this handy help converter. Here is the result. It needs to live somewhere where devhelp can find it: usually /usr/share/devhelp/books or ~/.devhelp/books, although the latter did not work for me

Why did I want devhelp and not HTB. Partly because devhelp integrates much more nicely with Gnome, but also because it made it trivial to get context - sensitive help out of Emacs with this little gem:

(defun devhelp-word-at-point ()
"runs devhelp"
(setq w (current-word))
(start-process-shell-command "devhelp" nil "devhelp" "-s" w))

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