Thursday, February 2

Lisp on Gentoo

One thing about Lisp is that releases of packages tend to be infrequent: for instance Gentoo's cl-mcclim is ancient, and doesn't compile with the *unmasked* sbcl (.94) in portage. Advice on #lisp is that many asdf packages should be pulled from CVS rather than messing about with distro packages. One nice thing about Gentoo is that you can write ebuild scripts that pull distro packages straight from CVS, so I'm going to write a few ebuilds for myself and publish them here to save a few people time. First off is the SBCL CVS ebuild.


Brian said...

I think that would be excellent. I use gentoo and have come upon the same issue. I simply punted. I pulled the code from cvs into my home directory and put symlinks to the asd's in ~/.sbcl/systems.

I think ebuilds such as you describe would be a very great addition to gentoo, and the lisp community--shades of cl-gardeners.

John Connors said...

Actually, digging a bit further, I thought that the best way of coming at this would be to create an asdf-install eclass along the lines of the cvs eclass, but then I discovered asdf doesnt talk to cvs, so now I'm writing cl-scm-url-parse which parses an scm url and grabs the project from the repository (svn/cvs/darcs) and puts it in the required directory.