Thursday, October 6

Project Madness

I simply have to back off, I'm trying to do too many bloody things at once.

Here's my long list

    Get deeply enought into web/database tech to get a small play-by-web game running.

    Update the Omega rougelike game for the SDL & modern multiplatform code.

    Update Blah, a roguelike skeleton that fell off the net many moons ago, with SDL graphics and Lua scripting.

    Finish the LISP software renderer.

    Create a tool for parsing C into sexp's with an eye to auto-generating UFFI or CFFI bindings.

    Some unspecified Java app, just to keep my hand in : possibly a Blogger to Live-Journal migration tool.

    Some more games that have been bubbling under the radar for what seems like years.

    Lunch with Laura - a graphic novel. Nothing to do with coding, but it competes for time.

Clearly, something has to give, somewhere..

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