Sunday, April 24

Lisp gets it right

After playing with lots of different methods of linearly interpolating the edges of triangles (well, 3 - DDA, MAI, & Bressenham) in Lisp, I settled for the straight add the gradient to the minor axis. Madness, I hear you say - not really, because Lisp doesn't represent the result of integer division as a float, but as a pair of integers that represent a ratio, so even doing it this way means I can reserve the FPU for perspective - correct texture mapping the way Intel intended. Obviously, the representation of this ratio is implementation dependent, but I'd really hope that in an implemenation with 32 bit fixnums, the ratio is expressed as a 64 bit fixed point integer..of course it's also probably possible to get LISP to use 16 bit integers for coordinates and 32 bit integers for the ratios, but I haven't got that far into the type sysetem, yet.

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