Sunday, July 11

Language Comparisons


I found it interesting that the LISP forced me to decompose the code into much smaller functions. You can see just how radically *different* LISP is, and you can see the parallels between Python and C that make the two languages such a close fit, including the fact that Python delegates much of the performance - related work to C...I'll add Java, C++ with the next post; but it does highlight the fact that LISP is a completely different approach to the process of compiling and composing programs when compared to block - structure of languages like Java, C and Pascal. I'm not sure that this is the best illustrative code possible. I think something animating a set of different but similar objects - boids, would be the best test case to see if a language is "game-worthy"..does anyone have any more suggestions?

Incidentally, in the course of preparing this post, I discovered the insanely handy TOhtml vim plugin for tranforming source code to HTML. I wonder if Emacs has anything similar?

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